Hi, I'm Marcel.
I want to help your business grow faster.

Connect with me to reach busy people and create valuable relationships.

Marcel Arsenault, MEd

What Pevtro does

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For over 20 years, I've helped businesses, organizations, and governments around the world enhance their processes and maximize productivity.

I've turned my passion for new technology and ideas into a streamlined process for connecting people who share the same values. Get in touch and let's explore a world of possibilities.

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How we help

Pevtro is a network of key influencers and industry experts connecting you to your business goals.

If you have time in your day for a cup of coffee, then you have time to see what potential breakthroughs a connection could make.

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Our Partners

Many of our industry leaders come world-class from technology companies. We have first-hand experience in knowing what processes and systems are required to grow and scale at any stage.

Connect with us to become world-class in your own category.

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